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.uk domains generally appeal to UK business and consumers. The .co.uk domain is well recognised by the UK Internet user community for UK business use. Many leading UK brands will be found with a .co.uk site as will many global brands with UK specific sites.

There are currently 3 public .uk domain types available, .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk, these are known as second level domains. It is presently not possible to register your own second level domain within the .uk domain space. There are other second level domains but we do not presently offer automated registration requests for these.

The .uk domains are managed by Nominet UK and full details of the domain name rules & legal information is provided within the registrants section of the Nominet web site.

.uk domains can be ordered and managed via the billing system or by using the Domain Registration quick order on the right hand side of the site.

Monaghan Consultants Ltd are Nominet members and the billing system will connect directly to Nominet's systems allowing for instant registration of your desired domain name.


Nominet have recently announced the intention to make .UK names available at the second level to the general public in 2014. This will allow you to register YourDomainName.UK instead of YourDomainName.co.uk. Registrants of .co.uk domains will get priority on the matching .uk name so it is important that you keep your .co.uk domain renewed until the .uk domain release process has been completed (you may also wish to keep the .co.uk registered to prevent cybersquatting). We will contact all customers once the release processes have been finalised by Nominet.

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Do you need to link your e-commerce system with your warehouse or stock management systems? We have written integrations with a number of popular e-commerce systems.

We also produce bespoke integrations for e-commerce systems

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